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Pleasant's Best Sauces is a local Wisconsin business, established in 2007. We pride ourselves in our homemade BBQ sauces and sweet sandwich relish. All of our products are made in our Minocqua facility, and are available through several Farm Markets, as the seasons permit. If you are unable to find us at a Farm Market, or it is out of season, we have a full list of local businesses carrying our products on our 'Home' page. Please contact us at anytime to place an order, or to buy from us directly.  We would like to thank you for your interests in our homemade BBQ sauces and Relishes. 
Get Sauced!

-Mike and Sharon Pleasant
The Messy BBQ Team

Our Products 
"The Messy Stuff"
Our original sauce has a sweet and tangy flavor. Made with a ketchup base, including, but not limited to, brown sugar, honey, and a variety of spices, it is excellent paired with ribs, beef roast, or if mixed with horseradish, makes for a wonderful cocktail sauces to enjoy with shrimp or crab.  $6.00

"Dragon's Kiss"
Just like "The Messy Stuff" but with added ground Chipotle and Habenero peppers, this sauce makes for an enjoyable wing sauce. The spice is not overwhelming, for we want our customers to enjoy the hard work we put into all of our sauces. It pairs great with grilled or baked chicken wings, boneless spare ribs, or on grilled chicken breasts for a sweet then spicy kick.  $6.50

"Baled Hay"
This product is our signature sweet sandwich relish. There is nothing quite like our sweet mixture of cabbage, red & green bell peppers, and onions. The recipe is over 50 years old, starting with Mike's mother, Fortunette Pleasant. She had too much cabbage in her garden one summer and had to find a use for it. This relish goes great on brats, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, with tortilla/pita chips, or just as a side like coleslaw.  $7.00
10837 Hwy 70 West
Minocqua, WI 54548
715 356-6117
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